Sérgio dos Reis


We believe in simplicity. We believe in silently doing what is up to us. Without a fanfare. Maturity comes and with it the challenge of always doing the best. We design hospitals. We modernize and revitalize existing structures. We plan extensions. We draw flows, and we are motivated to always delight. We grew up, and now we have 30 years of experience learned from our own mistakes, and with enough repertoire to find the best solution - technical, financial, strategic or functional.
We are Emed - Different in the way of seeing architecture. We already know that hospitals are complex. So, let's get to work!

Leandro Evangelista

Business Development Manager

Graduated in 1989 from Liceu de Artes and in 2007 from CentroUniversitário Belas Artes in São Paulo Leandro has been working on healthcare projects and specializing in the medical-hospital market.

Fábio Macedo

Engineering Development Manager

Civil Engineer, graduated 27 years ago, specialized in occupational safety, project management and clinical engineering and has worked for more than 15 years in the management of complex works projects. 

Fernando Brito

Architecture Manager

Graduated in 2007 fromFaculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo Mackenzie in São Paulo. He started working in the hospital area in 2006, having worked with projects and management, including 2 years of experience in the engineering sector of Hospital Samaritano in São Paulo.

Maria Rafaella Monteiro Godinho Lima

Architecture Manager

Urban Planner & Architect, graduated from Universidade SãoJudas Tadeu in São Paulo in 2007. He has been working in the health market since 2005, developing and coordinating architectural projects from conception to completion for execution.